West Virginia will soon boast a wide range of Online Slots types for WV residents. Slots is the easiest of all casino games to play & WV players will enjoy multiple types: the retro 3-reel machines, licensed TV & movie-themed slots games with advanced technology & cool graphics/soundtracks, & the astonishing progressive multi-million jackpot slots.

Where to play slots in West Virginia

Currently, there is not a definite launch date for the already legalized West Virginia online casinos. The regulations and application processes for an online casino license are still being finalized in order to play online slots in West Virginia.

All 5 of West Virginia’s bricks-and-mortar casinos appear set to apply for an online license once the terms of licensing are potentially released in the summer of 2020, with launch dates to perhaps occur sometime after February 2021.

Look forward to playing slots online in West Virginia in 2021.

How to Play Slots

More than most online casino games, game play in online slots does depends on luck rather than players possessing specialized skills-sets. Slots game outcomes are determined by computerized Random Number Generators (RNGs) that are frequently tested and calibrated, meaning results are pure chance.

It all adds up to the fact that you can potentially win on any single spin of the reels at any time.

To start playing the world’s favorite online casino game, select your bet amount for your first slots spin.

Press the spin button. The reels will spin and eventually come to an electronic halt. Once the reels have stopped, the symbols align themselves on the slots machine payline (check each slots’ particular paytable before you begin to play to learn the winning paylines). In fact, the machine will let you know if you have won or not.

Your winning amount will hinge on your chosen slots machine, its unique paytable and which symbols match up. Perhaps it will only be a fistful of dollars to top up your bankroll and advance your game play, or if you are lucky, you might be looking at winning a multi-million dollar jackpot on an online progressive slot machine, and have your life turned upside down for the better.

Make sure to use any ‘free play’ versions that your online casino may have available to you to play without needing to use real money. It can be invaluable practice to assist you in slots game familiarization and learning each machines paytable and where its weaknesses lie.

Slots Glossary

To become a pro in the game of online slots, start your journey to pro status by familiarizing yourself with the basic terms;

  • Reels are the lines of symbols that spin until stopping in position, and are used to decide if you have become a winner or not.
  • A Spin sets the Reels into motion and considered to be 1 round of slots play.
  • Bonus Features boost the gameplay by creating multiple chances to win money, spins and multipliers (see below) that can possibly amplify how much you win. Types of bonus features can include scatter symbols, free spins, wild symbols, free games and a host of others.
  • Max Bet is the most coins possible to place on bet on a single spin of the reels. On most occasions, you can place your max bet wagers on the total bet on a single line, or alternatively, wager the max bet on multiple paylines (see ‘payline’ described below).
  • Paylines are the virtual lines on the screens of online slots. Any win you might have is realized by the unique design of each payline. Paylines are applied when you place a bet before press the spin button.
  • A Multiplier is a unique bonus slot feature applied to raise payouts by an amount usually between 2x and 10x.
  • Scatters are special symbols that do not require to line up in any special combination on the reels to active it’s exclusive bonus features.
  • Wild symbols can stand in for other symbols on the screen, just like a joker when playing any card game.
  • RTP or ‘Return to Player’ as it is known is always written as a percentage, and is exclusively used to explain how much money bet on any online slot can find its way back into the pockets of players. For instance, if you wager 100 x $1 bets on a slots machine with a 95% RTP, you can theoretically expect to win back approximately $95 in wins.

Types of Slots

When introduced to West Virginia, expect 3 types of online slots machines to dominate the game selection in the Mountain State’s casinos;

3 Reel Slots

A retro favorite for slots nostalgia buffs, ‘Classic Slots’ or ‘fruit machines’ are all 3 Reel slots that are renown for their simplicity to play, providing great relaxation and are an excellent way to unwind. Just match up 3 symbols on just a single payline to win – it couldn’t be easier than that!

5 Reel Slots

More complex, 5 Reel Slots are fully computerized games (otherwise known as ‘Video slots’), basically works of digital art with knockout graphics and killer soundtracks, complete with up to 243 paylines on the most cutting-edge 5 Reel slots.

These cutting-edge slots regularly feature themes often based on TV shows and big Hollywood movies using symbols based on the movie or TV show. Re-spins, scatters, wilds and free spins and other high-tech features are all common.

Progressive Slots

Online progressive slots are networked across a connection sites with the aim to collect the losses of tens-of-thousands of players and accumulate those losses to form massive mega jackpots. Look for jackpots regularly won in multi-million-dollar amounts.

How to Choose the Right Slots Game for You

Too many choices and confused where to begin with finding the right slots game for you?

As a general guide, try to discover a style of slots game that;

  • Matches your personality and individual style.
  • Meets your objective in playing slots.
  • Fulfils the type of leisure time entertainment you are searching for.

Classic cool your thing? Perhaps a retro 3-reel ‘fruit machine’ slot (however, enhanced with all the latest in high-tech back-end design) is for you.

If you’re a self-confessed technology nerd or movie geek then a Superhero, Science Fiction or Horror movie inspired slot with sophisticated graphics and digital soundtrack for you? These slots can carry up to 243-paylines slots machine, meaning literally 100’s of ways to win.

Prefer to play it safe, more security and less risk? A slots with a high RTP could be precisely what you are looking for to protect your bankroll.

Online progressive slots, or online slots featuring big jackpot multipliers and advanced bonus features have become the best available online slots for those players with an enjoyment of high risk and high reward game play.

Slots Tips

  • Have Fun! with online slots. Enjoy your slots as an entertainment expense rather than a guaranteed pay check. Play only with money you can afford to miss and you’ll have a ball!
  • Minimize your losses to max out your winnings. Avoid max bets and max paylines wherever possible to protect your bankroll to stay in the game for longer periods. You never know when a jackpot will be hit!
  • Learn the slots paytable + Know the different ways how to win = Playing Smart Don’t bet on minimum bet if a machine only pays out its jackpot on max bet etc.
  • Play High RTP machines to protect your bankroll as long as possible. Placing small wagers on big jackpot slots (as long as you are eligible for the jackpot) is another hot tip.
  • Slow it down – The longer you remain in play, the longer your jackpot opportunities remain intact.
  • Determine a time & spending limit for each online slots session.

Free Slots

Once online casinos become reality in West Virginia, as in other legal states, online casinos will provide players access to test their slots games for free.

When it happens, be sure to practice and familiarize yourself before playing for real money.

Check which games you prefer before playing with your own money. Enjoy more and potentially, profit more, once you’ve learnt how to win on all slots machine variations.