The online casino experience, has become a more comfortable and convenient enterprise, and arguably more profitable to gambling in a land-based casino.

Online casinos are a relatively recent phenomenon, and across many U.S. states (including West Virginia), the laws governing online casino games are yet to catch up with the advancements made in online casino apps and associated technology.

Expected to be launched soon in WV once the Mountain State’s legislators have finalized their debate and passage of the new laws, online casinos will bring with them the range of innovations already instituted across other states to WV’s online players.

Understanding that online casinos are a relatively recent introduction to the United States, knowledge of how an online casino free spin up bonus works and the range of online casino games, including online casino live dealers’ options, are still unknown quantities to many online players.

At we provide you with all the important information you will need to know on the best and most trustworthy online casinos and what to do when you find an online casino you like after their launch in WV. See our complete list of;

  • Unbiased and expert WV online casino reviews.
  • Online Casino Laws and what will make an online casino legal in the Mountain State.
  • How an online casino sign up bonus works and how an online casino in WV will function.
  • Online Casino Games (including Online Casino Roulette & Blackjack, Online Casino Slots and Online Casino with live dealers and much more)
  • Online Casino Sports Betting
  • Online Casino Banking Options

Online Casino Reviews

Following the online casino launch, a complete range of online casinos are expected to become available for WV’s online players. We expect that most will be offering attractive bonuses to attract new players to their casinos. However, will an online casino with a large welcome bonus be for you?

At, we provide you with all the online casino knowledge to make informed choices about the various types of online casino gambling that best suit your personal style.

For example, it makes little sense for you to join an online casino with a huge sign-up bonus that specializes in Online Roulette, if you prefer to spend your time playing Online Slots or Online Blackjack.

Perhaps you want an operator that also offers online casino sports betting to add flavor to your online casino experience?

At, we empower your online gaming choices with;

  • Independent casino reviews from experts in the field.
  • Online casino game guides.
  • Special features of each online casino such as those with the online casino fastest payout.
  • Simple explanations of each online casino sign up bonus in everyday English.

When did West Virginia legalize Online Casinos?

As at this time, Online Casinos are not yet legal in West Virginia.

The legalization of online casinos is scheduled to be debated shortly in the State Legislature to discuss potentially pass bill H 2178 into West Virginian State Law. This bill has undergone debate in each of the last three legislative sessions, and is now approaching its final version before acceptance.

Given the early successes of legal online sports betting in West Virginia, advances in the legalization of online casinos in the state is expected soon.

How Do Online Casinos Work?

Registering and playing with a new online casino in West Virginia is expected to be a simple process to be negotiated easily by following these steps;

  • Residency in the Mountain State is not expected to be required to complete the sign-up process with an online casino. You should be able to deposit and withdraw cash anywhere – however, you will need to be physically located in West Virginia when you play online casinos due to the advanced geolocation technology expected to be employed.
  • Peruse our online casino reviews to choose the best online casino to best suit you.
  • Complete the online casino sign up process and deposit money into your account (most WV online casinos will offer ‘welcome’ or ‘sign-up’ bonuses) – all welcome bonus information will be included in our online casino reviews.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of online casino games available.
  • If unsure, consult our “What Casino Games are Legal” section below for a quick explanation of the most popular online casino games expected to be available in West Virginia.

Online Casinos in West Virginia

Following the much-anticipated online casino launch in West Virginia, it is expected is that online casinos in the state will provide online bettors with; secure sites powered with SSL encryption for industry-leading player security, superb customer service options, quality games, excellent entertainment and the opportunity to make huge life-changing wins.

At this stage, we are not certain which online casino model that West Virginia will follow. We are expecting that land-based casinos will be exclusively invited to apply for an online casino license. As in other states, we anticipate that online casinos will need to be developed in partnership with an established West Virginian land-based casino.

WV Online Casino Laws

As explained above, West Virginia’s lawmakers are yet to put the online casino legalization bill, H 2178 under the spotlight for final debate.

It is widely expected that once adopted into law, each of West Virginian 5 land-based casinos may be invited to apply for at least one online casino license (if not multiple licenses, as has occurred in some other states like New Jersey for example). Sports betting in West Virginia is already working in this way, under West Virginian state law SB 415.

Whichever model is applied, the WV State law should entitle online casino operators to offer the full customers a full range of game options including online slots, blackjack, craps, roulette, poker and video poker among others.

What makes an Online Casino site Legal to Operate in West Virginia

Whilst it has not yet been determined, it is widely expected that in order to eventually offer legal online casino play in WV, an online casino will be potentially need to complete the following;

  • Successfully apply for an online casino license.
  • Submit all operating systems/online casino games to the WV state authority for regular auditing.
  • Ensure that only online players physically located within the state of West Virginia at the time of play can access online casino games.
  • Ensure only players 21-and-older can access online casino games.
  • Pay taxes on gross gaming revenues to the state of West Virginia.
  • Pay a range of additional taxes and fees (e.g., responsible gambling, licensing fees etc).
  • Hold player monies in separate accounts to operating funds.

Unique to any West Virginian online casino regulation is expected to be the requirement that online casinos in West Virginia are free from association with illegal off-shore sites. Personnel are believed to be bound to involvement in official West Virginian online casino sites only.

How to Identify Licensed Online Casino Operators in West Virginia

We surmise that West Virginia’s online casinos will be regulated by the West Virginia Lottery Commission and they will oversee the licensing, regulation and day-to-day operation of online casinos.

It’s widely expected that all online casinos will need to undergo a strict licensing process, which we understand may include complete background checks of key personnel.

Legal and licensed West Virginia online casinos are expected to feature the logo and a live link of the governing body as seen below for regulatory transparency and customer protection.

West Virginia Lottery Commission

What Casino Games are Legal?

No online casino games are currently legal in WV, but it is widely expected that the Mountain State will use the New Jersey blueprint as its prime example when considering which games will be featured.

That being the case, expect West Virginia’s online players to eventually have access to games like Online Blackjack, Live Dealer Casinos, Online Poker, Online Roulette, Online craps, Online Slots, Online Roulette and Online Baccarat.

We’re also expecting West Virginia’s online casinos to be co-branded as online sportsbooks as has evolved in the New Jersey online gaming market.


Throughout the world, (due to its better than average winning odds against the house), blackjack is the most popular of online casino table games.

Blackjack is expected to become available at all West Virginian online casinos and should be offered in several game formats, giving online players a fresh take on the game;

  • Side Bet Blackjack.
  • Live Dealer Blackjack.
  • Classic Blackjack
  • Blackjack Micro Limit and;
  • Multi-player Blackjack.


One the best bets you can make is that the majority of all games available in WV online casinos will be Online Slots. With little to learn in terms of complex strategies, and possible monster progressive slot jackpot wins, from the 3-reel Vegas-style fruit machines through to high-tech 3D latest movie-tie-in machines with 243 paylines or more, online slots will offer arguably the best chances to potentially turn small investments into big wins for online players in WV.

Bound to be fan favorites in West Virginia’s online casinos, will be online progressive slots, churning out life-changing payouts of $1 million-or-more on a regular basis.

One of the greatest advantages of online slots will be the ability to play them for free, which will assist in game familiarization before playing the slots for real money.


Online Roulette’s continuing popularity worldwide has its genesis in its sheer simplicity. Two main online casino variations dominate the scene;

  • American Roulette features both a 0 and a 00 slot. Two zero pockets result in slightly smaller winning odds compared with European Roulette.
  • European Roulette consists of a wheel of pockets numbered 1 to 36, plus a single zero pocket, thereby providing better odds the American version.

With its famous simplicity, all West Virginian online players will relish the opportunities to enjoy big Roulette wins. As Online Roulette players gather further experience, a range of possible strategies (see our online casino games page) can be learnt and may possibly increase your winning chances.

Online Casino Bonuses

All West Virginia’s online casinos will offer no deposit casino bonuses for first-time-players. A ‘welcome’ or ‘sign-up’ bonus does not require a deposit to be made to trigger the bonus.

Online casinos may also offer an additional bonus on making your first real-money deposit. We expect that online players will be required to use promotional codes when signing up to activate either deposit, or free play bonuses.

Note, two bonuses similar in value, may comprise entirely different rules. Be sure to understand the fine print of each deal and the wagering requirements (which games contribute to your sign-up bonus and ‘playthrough conditions’) before accepting any bonus monies. On occasion, it may even be in your best interest to take advantage of the welcome bonus ‘opt out’ feature.

See our Online Casino Reviews for details of each casino’s sign-up bonus requirements written in everyday language.

Online Casino Mobile Apps

Today’s online casinos are increasingly designed as ‘mobile-first’, employing the latest in HTML technology. All features of modern online casinos are designed to work at their optimum on smartphones and other mobile devices, more features are now offered on mobile than desktop versions. The convenience of accessing online casino games on a mobile device is a hugely popular feature and online casinos apps are available for download for iOS or Android users.

You will need to be physically located in West Virginia to play on-the-go as the system will be protected by geolocation technology.

Online Casino Banking Options

It would be difficult to play online casinos for real money if you couldn’t deposit or withdraw your money into or out of your casino account.

Subsequently, it’s important to check to see if casinos offer your preferred online banking method such as;

  • Credit Card.
  • Prepaid Card.
  • PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or another E-wallet account.
  • Check and/or;
  • Bank transfer.

We supply the average withdrawal processing times in our online casino reviews.